DM Cost Planner begins development

DM Financial Manager Wiki Screenshot

DM Financial Manager Wiki Screenshot

We have commenced the development of DM Cost Planner, an open source web application designed to facilitate estimating and cost planning for capital projects.  DM Cost Planner is the first element of the DM Financial Manager suite of applications.  The application, which resides on a web server, is written in PHP and interacts with a MySQL database.  Users will access the application through their web browser.

In addition to providing the free open source version of the application to those who wish to instal the software on their own servers, we will be offering hosted solution and support packages.  DM Cost Planner will offer: customisable cost breakdown structures; cost estimate build-ups; change control; and, detailed reports which can be printed or exported to other software packages.

DM Cost Planner Beta is expected in late 2012 with a product launch in early 2013.

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