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Development-Managers.com connects Clients and Consultants


Development-Managers.com was established in 2011 to create mutually beneficial connections between highly experienced professionals in the construction and real estate sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with businesses requiring Interim Management, Advisory and other Services, including Software as a Service (SaaS).


People are the essence of consultancy irrespective of the size and prominence of the brand providing the service.  However, if you deal with large global brand consultants you can’t always be sure that you get the best people or that those people will do more than tick boxes in some one-size-fits-all corporate procedure manual.

Development-Managers.com is different – we’re fast and flexible and you’ll deal with the leading people in our business.  Your commission with us will receive individual attention – we’ll provide independent professional advice and find the best strategies and approaches to ensure that you succeed in achieving your objectives.


Development-Managers.com is owned by Alex (Sandy) McMillan who has more than 35 years experience in a senior executive capacity as a manager and consultant in the fields of development management, project management and related advisory services throughout EMEA.

You can learn more about his background here.


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