DM Cost Manager ASP

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DM Cost Manager ASP

DM Cost Manager ASP has been developed by a Project Manager with the need for project financial control and reporting uppermost.  To learn more about DM Cost Manager ASP please view our presentation (PDF).

Live Demo

If you’d like to have a more detailed look at the features of DM Cost Manager ASP you can log onto our demo site with guest priveleges using:


Password: 4vKCFLLS

Get a Quote

We can offer DM Cost Manager ASP as a hosted web application or we can licence it to you to run on your own web servers.  The application can be customised with your branding if required.  Please contact us with your requirements to obtain a quote.

Continuing Development

We’re actively developing DM Cost Manager ASP in order to make it even more usable and efficient.  Coming features include:

  • user interface upgrades;
  • more ‘in place’ editing;
  • more importable cost breakdown structure options;
  • reduced more efficient code base;
  • improved wiki help files; and,
  • upgrades to the database.

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